In 2016, the United Europe Group of Companies acquired a license of the Fashion Italian House Luigi Borrelli Napoli to develop collections of fragrances.

Release of “Royal Collection of Fragrances” of niche men's fragrances opens a new chapter in the history of the fashion house.

Сollection follows Borrelli's motto “Go back to go forward”, paying tribute to the essence of the Neapolitan fashion house. SILK, COTTON, VICUÑA WOOL and CASHMERE. Perfumers' genius turned the fabrics into eponymous fragrant symbols: SILK marks an exquisite power, COTTON — a new beginning, VICUÑA WOOL – effervescent festivity and CASHMERE – respect for ascendancy. Bergamot is the note that pierces the entire collection, alludes traditional eau de colognes and created the bright and purely Italian character of the scents.

The most valuable fabrics, used in creation of the fashionable Royal Collection, served as fragrant symbols of Royal Collection of Fragrances - here are starched cotton, delicate vicuna wool and exquisite cashmere. Each of these materials is essential in custom tailoring, each is a particle of timeless impeccable style. Radiant freshness of Bergamot, warm and bright, like the sun over Naples, is the note that pierces the entire collection and alludes traditional eau de colognes. This pungent, optimistic note, vibrating with floral and bitterish accents, is inherent in classic men's fragrances.

Key points Borrelli

  • Perfumers' genius turns the feeling of robing in an exceptional suit by Neapolitan tailors into fragrances that tell about the true values ​​of a man, telling a story that is timeless:
  • Silk is a cool and caressing scent, built on a traditional masculine combination of citruses and Vetiver, viewed at Luigi Borrelli from a different angle. The composition combines traditional Mediterranean scents: freshness of citrus gardens, green spiciness of Clary sage, elegant severity of Vetiver and Moss, creamy-almondy sweetness of Tonka beans and dry amber wind.
  • COTTON recalls the revitalization, carelessness, innocence of a fresh morning, belief in a new day, full of hope, full of opportunities. A light wind gently touches the skin, excites with a feeling of complete freedom, similar to one that emanating from a clean canvas.
  • VICUÑA WOOL – warm, luxurious, elegant fragrance. It’s time for leisure, it's time to be gallant, it's time to be yourself. Energy, sensuality, uncontrollable cheerfulness; air of a Mediterranean day vibrates with heat.
  • CASHMERE is formal and contrasting. Black and white, animality and determinate mind. Behind the nobility of a tuxedo there are undisclosed secrets of the past, which only the man himself knows about. He follows the rhythm of the night and finds new wisdom, referring to his memories.


Vladislav Vedmed
Executive Director, Distribution
Vladislav joined the Company in 2004.
A graduate of Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (MBA in Strategic Management) and Omsk State Medical Academy, School of Paediatrics (Paediatric surgery)



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