DIVAGE is an international brand of decorative cosmetics and perfumery.

Year of foundation is 1999.

We create DIVAGE make-up products in order to reveal the creative needs of young girls! With DIVAGE you can be different every day!

PRODUCTION: Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia and Asian countries.

ASSORTMENT: аbout 250 SKU of decorative cosmetics, including accessories, perfumery and care products.

DISTRIBUTION: Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Iraq, Iran, the United Arab Emirates.

BRAND CHARACTER: Bright, dynamic, relevant. Lightness, youth, style are synonyms for DIVAGE products.

The DIVAGE team creates a unique combination of creative energy and style in the segment of democratic cosmetics.


Alexander Andreev
Alexander joined the Company in 2005.
A graduate of Academy of Labour and Social Relations (Law, International law) МВА (Higher School of International Commerce at the Academy of National Economy)



Building 1, poselenie of Ulianovsky Lesopark, Moskovsky, Moscow, Russia 108811
+7 (495) 771-60-06