Corner opening in VESNA.

To the delight of high perfume lovers, the Bvlgari High Perfume Corner has opened at ARTICOLI in Vesna shopping center on Novy Arbat. Precious fragrances Le Gemme are presented here.
The envoys of the Roman jewelry house Bvlgari explore the expanses of the globe in search of mysterious threads that bind precious stones and aromas. The first collection Le Gemme for women is an ode to six iconic gems, folded according to the canons of high perfumery art. Amethyst, citrine, moonstone, peridot, pink tourmaline, turquoise - each fragrance is enclosed in an exclusive bottle, like a gem in a setting. Recognizable amphorae La Gemme created in the image of ancient Roman vessels for storage and transportation of valuables.
The later collection Le Gemme for men is inspired by sapphire, garnet, amber, malachite, onyx and the tiger's eye. Bvlgari creates a modern courageous image of the heir of the great historical past. The obelisk-shaped bottle calls to distant wanderings and recalls the trophies obtained in historical conquests described by Herodotus and Pliny.