Our brand is a paradise for researchers, who like to discover new brands and new products. We focus on a progressive audience that carefully follows the latest news and trends in the field of beauty industry. In our store you can find such new products about which magazines will write tomorrow.


Our goal is to offer to our customers a unique assortment of cosmetic products which are not in Russia. Products are not designed for the mass market and therefore are so interesting and unusual.

We understand that there are not two persons identical with each other, and we should not try to be the same as others. We believe that it’s necessary to have your own individual style and to determine your own trends, so we seek to provide you with the newest, coolest and niche cosmetics on the market so that you can experiment.


Thanks to such diverse and unique products, our brand can truly make dreams come true.


Eduard Tsynker
CEO, Identicos
Phone +7 (495) 771-60-01



Building 1, poselenie of Ulianovsky Lesopark, Moskovsky, Moscow, Russia 108811
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