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Rouge Bunny Rouge

A niche perfumery and cosmetics brand from England.

Rouge Bunny Rouge company profile

Rouge Bunny Rouge is an international niche cosmetics brand. In 2008, United Europe Group acquired its controlling interest.

The brand has been present in Russia since 2006 and combines European ground-breaking technologies, unique design and unparalleled emotional concepts. This intricate brand is infused with one-of-a-kind spirit of the Victorian Age and embodies a blend of mystics and mystery to restore a sense of exclusiveness and uniqueness to every woman. The Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Garden is a sophisticated wonderland that breathes beauty and freshness: it is as if you are plaiting a freshly-cut flower into your hair and begin hearing a whispering voice revealing dark intentions.

The Brand includes 160 luxurious cosmetic products that make women look great, feel charming and sense the power of their charm. In 2013, the brand launched two niche fragrance collections: Fragrant Confections and Provenance Tales which include 14 scents.

At present, Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetic products collection is represented in Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. It is soon arriving at the Middle East and Italy’s stores as well.

Rouge Bunny Rouge story of foundation

Sven Lorenz, Raf de Schutter, Gynni Gulati and Alexandra de Montfort founded this brand. Alexandra de Montfort began the branding development in 2004. Once the brand’s artistic tasks and “mood” were finalised, Alexandra gathered a designer team that included specialists from Finland, the UK and Iceland and was instructed to refine the original ideas and take them further. By February 2005, the graphic features, the branding the stores and packaging design were completed.

Unusual approach employed at Rouge Bunny Rouge creation emphasised the following ideas: “The tiring and often superficial superiority must be replaced with natural imperfection. We’re all humans, we’re natural and therefore imperfect. Rouge Bunny Rouge considers imperfection an advantage: any visual image we endorse has slight, nearly always imperceptible imperfections, and this is why such images are unique. Our customers are not afraid of being what they are; they look for beauty and choose beauty before designers’ names and trademarks. They resist following mass standards and use their own creative abilities and imagination to blend diverse styles. They carry a touch of distinction. They surround themselves with beautiful things and share their aesthetic vision and symbolic values with others; however, they are far from boasting and showing off. Independence is their ethos. Rouge Bunny Rouge recognises no age limits and no ethnic, cultural or religious boundaries.”

The four founders of the brand registered it in early 2005 and from the very start they endeavoured to protect their intellectual property with respect to every one of its elements. Product development began in March 2005 and by December the same year 21 groups and 109 product varieties were already in production; it is plainly impossible to launch a new player in perfumery and cosmetics industry within such a short stretch of time. Now, add to it the fact that Rouge Bunny Rouge team had only three members at that time; all of them are still with the Company.

The Brand’s first store was opened in Moscow in March 2006. Only a month later, the chain’s agents requested exclusive distribution rights for the brand in Russia.

In mid-2008, the Brand was acquired by United Europe Group, and by autumn 2008 it was represented in 20 stores of ILE DE BEAUTE chain. In 2009, Rouge Bunny Rouge presence at ILE DE BEAUTE and other Russian stores was expanded significantly.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Boutique

The first boutique of Rouge Bunny Rouge, an English niche beauty brand, opened its doors in one of the finest and affluent areas of Moscow. The boutique overwhelms one with its air of aristocratic intelligence combined with a telling romanticism of neo-Victorian symbolism. Stylish aesthetics, a fairy-tale lexicon of the brand and the mystic stories that each of its products is imbued with translate the visitor into a universe of beauty, perfection and romanticism. The unique spacing and location of the boutique ensure that each customer will receive one-to-one personalised service which is what the most demanding Russian customers really value. Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetic products allow one to achieve perfect results by benefitting from perfection of light and high-tech textures and rich shades with natural skin effect.

The boutique is found at: 6 Barykovsky Lane.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11 am to 9 pm; Saturdays and Sundays 12 pm to 6 pm.

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