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The Company’s own decorative cosmetics brand in mass market segment.

Divage Company profile

DIVAGE is a decorative cosmetics brand created in 1999. Manufacturers had been trying to find a unique identity and inspiration for this brand and they succeeded: DIVAGE is associated with bright colours, air and youth. Strict adherence to European high-quality standards and our creativity team’s incessant efforts to improve the products and their packaging have made DIVAGE a competitor to European brands.


Every girl is beautiful; each and every one deserves admiring looks. Divage cosmetic products are for those who dare express their self, feel their grace and experiment.

Divage cosmetic products are meant to be affordable for every girl. We believe that high-quality cosmetic products do not have to be expensive. And we’ve been proving that for 14 years straight.

We use high-quality European raw materials to manufacture these cosmetic products; we run frequent tests and control all stages of the process to ensure that these products are completely hypoallergenic and safe to use. Divage cosmetic products are for those who wish to emphasise their self. This line features diverse shades; we combine classic shades with contemporary bright colours to make others constantly marvel at one’s versatile image. Divage cosmetic products make girls feel irresistible. Being content with one’s own appearance inevitably attracts admiring looks from everyone else.

Divage make up studio

The first DIVAGE Make Up Studio monobrand store was opened in 2012 in Moscow. At present, the chain has over 20 stores all over Russia and plans exist to expand it. Whenever a new DIVAGE make up studio opens the customers enjoy a festive atmosphere and lots of events. At stores, one may find a wide choice of DIVAGE cosmetics and accessories as well as gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Every customer may benefit from free promo products, professional makeup and advice from our specialists, the stylish Nail-Art, various discounts and many other pleasant surprises.

DIVAGE make up studio offers a great choice of decorative cosmetics, perfumes and accessories to create unforgettable images. The Studio’s makeup specialist and consultants will be happy to assist each customer in selecting products that match them by shade and texture and to create their unique image.

Divage Team

Alexander Andreev

CEO. Alexander joined the Company in 2005.

Irina Anurova

Head, Customer Service. Irina joined the Company in 2005.

Oleg Podlepetsky

Director, Production Department. Oleg joined the Company in 2000.

Olga Berdnikova

Financial Analyst. Olga joined the Company in 2007.

Olga Akhiyarova

Head, Marketing Department. Olga joined the Company in 2012.

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