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Eurologistics LLC offers unique logistic solutions for the Russian perfumery and cosmetics market.

Eurologistics company profile

The Company possesses vast experience in solving most complex logistic tasks and offers a wide range of services related to logistics: automated inventory management, warehousing, order processing and preparation, delivery and distribution. All United Europe companies are customers of Eurologistics LLC.

Key contributors to our success are:

  • comprehensive approach to solving our customers’ tasks;
  • thorough management of the transportation process;
  • advising on optimising transport and logistics schemes;
  • contemporary warehousing technologies that enhance all processes efficiency.

Services offered by Eurologistics Company:

  • goods acceptance;
  • warehousing;
  • goods acceptance and loadout automation;
  • flexible management of orders and groups of orders;
  • stock replenishment;
  • order preparation;
  • packaging;
  • loading;
  • stock management;
  • container management;
  • warehousing and production facilities management.

Eurologistics LLC story of foundation

Eurologistics LLC was founded in 2005.

At present, the Company is a logistics operator and 3PL provider that implements comprehensive solutions to solve its customers’ tasks. Eurologistics has adopted state-of-the-art warehousing technologies that enable it to increase the efficiency of all its business processes.

In 2009, Eurologistics launched another A-category warehousing centre that meets all contemporary international standards: Krekshino Warehouse.

The customers of Eurologistics include such companies as United Europe Holding Co., ILE DE BEAUTE perfumery and cosmetics store chain, Gamma Cosmetics, a manufacturer of decorative cosmetics and skincare products and Divage cosmetics company.
The Company employs over 500 highly skilled staff.

The Team of Eurologistics LLC

Yury Demin

CEO. Yury joined the Company in 2011.

Alexey Kharin

Director for Development. Alexey joined the Company in 2012.

Artem Fedorovsky

Chief, Financial Directorate.

Eurologistics LLC Warehousing facilities

Main features of Vnukovo Warehousing Facilities:

  • Located at 6 km from Moscow Ring Road by Kaluga Motorway.
  • Warehousing area: 10,050 square metres.
  • High-roof warehousing area: 6,800 square metres.
  • Warehousing area roof level: 14 metres.
  • Pallet warehouse capacity: approximately 10,000 pallets.
  • Automatic gates outfitted with dock levellers and dock shelters.
  • Gravity flow racks at the retail distribution area.
  • Small-cell storage area at the mezzanine.
  • Flooring: concrete with anti-dust treatment, load capacity: up to 6 tons per square metre.
  • Storage temperature: 15 to 20° С.
  • Complete set of optic fibre telecommunication facilities.
  • Manned car parks for cars and HGVs.
  • Comprehensive security system that includes several access control zones; security guards provided by a licensed contractor; 24-hour CCTV and image recording.
  • Foam-based fire-suppression system installed at shelving intervals.
  • The facilities benefit from gas boiler heating provided by an own boiler room. The facilities also possess a 2,000 kVA power substation and a Cummins diesel back-up power generator. The premises have two artesian wells and waste water treatment facilities.
  • Engineering equipment: Exceed 4000 Warehouse Management System (WMS), Kardex shuttle XP order storage and preparation system.

Main features of Krekshino Warehousing Facilities:

  • The Warehouse Centre is an A-category 1-storied capital structure that meets all contemporary global standards of quality and functionality:
  • Warehousing area: 14,000 square metres
  • Roof level: 16 metres
  • Maximum level of storage cells: 14 metres
  • Automated Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Gates: 12 automatic gates outfitted with dock shelters and dock levellers
  • Opening hours: 8 am to 10 pm
  • Ample area for HGVs parking and manoeuvring
  • The Warehouse has easy access from Kiev and Minsk Motorways.