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Giving Joy Charity

Orphaned children need special care and support. This is why United Europe Group founded Giving Joy Charity in February 2009. The Charity sponsors the Bolokhovo special (correctional) boarding school in Tula Oblast became another institution sponsored by the Charity.

The Charity’s aid has enabled the institutions to renovate their residential quarters and auxiliary premises and to arrange seaside breaks for the children. The schools’ graduates are offered employment at United Europe.

Collecting donations from companies and individuals is part of what Giving Joy Charity does.

The easiest way to support the Charity is to buy one of the Giving Joy brand products in stores of perfumery and cosmetics ILE DE BEAUTE.

Alternatively, one may:

  • donate cash directly to the Charity (print out a payment authorisation);
  • donate clothes and toys (only unused items with original labels are accepted);
  • become a sponsor for one of the children.

With any enquiries, please contact the Charity’s Trustee,

Mrs. Maria Golubeva

(495) 771-60-01/02

For more information about the Charity, please visit its website: