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New addition to United Europe-Holding portfolio – a niche brand State of Mind.

Distinctiveness of this French brand lies in the possibility to experience synesthesia: one can become filled with emotions and perceive this fragrance through several senses simultaneously.

10 compositions State of Mind, representing different states of human mind, are divided into 4 categories:

Eau de parfum (olfaction), 
Candles (tactile sense), 
Diffusers (delight from a laconic, stylish design and rich odor), 

Tea blending (via sense organs, you can experience unique compositions of finest varieties of tea, collected from all over the world by an eminent tea breeder – Olivier Scala).

Bright triangle bottles coupled with perfume names enchant you at first sight: Secret of Success, Sense of Humour, Butterfly Mind, Spontaneous Generosity, L’Ame Slave, etc.  

It is incredibly easy to find a perfect State of Mind fragrance not only for yourself but also for your nearest and dearest.