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AHAVA - natural skin-care products from the Dead Sea.

Israeli brand AHAVA is a new trademark in portfolio of United Europe Group.

AHAVA  is the only cosmetic company situated on the Dead Sea coast. The main aim of AHAVA is to provide Dead Sea benefits using its most unusual ingredients and creating innovative and effective products for consumers around the world.  

For over 25 years AHAVA conscientiously collected ingredients, deriving the best ones to create natural skin-care products.  The main force of the brand is an exclusive Osmoter ™ - perfectly balanced concentrate of the Dead Sea minerals that effectively rebuilds and retains skin moisturizing level.

Nowadays AHAVA is an incontrovertible beauty-expert in the field of Dead Sea minerals. AHAVA knows more than anybody else about scientific basis of Dead Sea restoring powers and applies this knowledge and innovations creating every product.

The brand has a wide range of products and includes skin-care products for face and body as well as for hair.   

All products by AHAVA:

don’t contain parabens
all cleansing products don’t contain SLS / SLES (sodium laureth sulfate)
don’t contain petrochemical products, aggressive  synthetic ingredients and GMOs
are hypoallergenic  and were tested on sensitive skin types 
not tested on animals
all packaging is recyclable
all products contain Osmoter™  formula