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EviDenS de Beaute – the magic of efficiency

United Europe Holding now is an exclusive distributer for EviDenS de Beaute, japanese legendary anti-aging skin brand.
The creator of EviDenS de Beaute Charles Edouard Bartes a lover of Japanese culture married to Eriko Nakamura. He founded EviDenS de Beaute as an homage to the beauty of Japan. 

The brand wishes to bring to all women, well-being and sweetness through their beauty gesture with essentials cares for their skin.
In order to fulfill women needs day after day and to drive them trough their moments of relaxation and pleasure, EviDenS de Beaute rethinks the senses.

A combination of two worlds, Japan & France, two countries with their own respective qualities, technology in Japan and sophistication and pleasure in France.

Professor Ishibashi, as PhD in applied biotechnology,  internationally-renowned researcher and advisor to the Ministry of Health was head of R&D at a leading Japanese cosmetics companies for over 20 years. He spent over 3 years designing the Exclusive QaI® Complex, a genuine anti-ageing concentrate found in all of EviDenS de Beauté treatments.
He applied the Kaizen philosophy, a centuries-old practice based on constant improvement, in the laboratory, using it to improve existing products based on the latest technological innovations.
In addition to its internationally famous scientific expertise, Japan is the land of excellence in evanescence, which is why EviDenS de Beaute can offer a more subtle collection of textures, an authentically delicate dream.
The exclusive regenerating complex QaI ® (Quadplex Active Ingredients)
The collagen used is of 100% natural animal origin and comes from salmon that live in the pure and glacially-cold rivers of Hokkaido Island (between Alaska and Siberia). Therefore, it has exceptional physical resistance, and its natural origin guarantees excellent absorption.
A Cocktail of 3 differently-sized collagens for 3 targeted actions on the 3 layers of the skin. 

• Micro: penetrates deep into skin to boost cell regeneration;
• Medium: captures and seals water in for optimum moisture; 
• Macro: hydrates the outer skin layer by creating a moisture film.

Redefining the relationship between women and cosmetics brands, EviDenS de Beaute is making customer satisfaction a core concern by making women's beauty treatments true, a beauty Ceremony, the "Saho”: Purifying Saho, Nourishing Saho, Saho Perfection,Brightening Saho, Extreme Saho. 
The extreme line has a special so called «360° Skin Perfecting Complex®» whichIt erases imperfections, smoothes wrinkles and brings an immediately visible and long-lasting "lifting" effect. This extraordinary nectar boosts the action of Extreme Cream leaving skin resplendent with youthfulness.