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Wear your feelings – UERMI fragrance collection

United Europe Holding now is an exclusive distributer for UERMI, an Italian niche fragrance brand.

Perfumes and fabrics share an affinity with our skin. Both are literally worn by us, becoming and expression of our personality.

Pictures from the past - time travel.  That is why UERMI = WEAR ME. Perfumes and fabrics gratify our senses: smell, sight, touch in particular. They evoke memories. Just close your eyes and imagine touching a tweed jacket, a pair of velvet pants or jeans, a silk tie or a scarf, a cashmere sweater… Evoking fragments of our past can make us travel through time.

The concept of an Italian niche fragrance brand Uermi was born in 2013 by courtesy of Aurora Carrara and Palmiro Peaquin and in collaboration with three talented French noses: Jean Jacques, Philippe Bousseton, and Antoine Lie. They have created for us a beautiful “olfactory answer” to provocative question like… “ If you think of velvet or silk …what kind of scent would come to your mind?”.

! 8 scents-feelings become your fragrance clothes, your fashion accessories!

VE Velvet - Jean Jacques identifies velvet with vetiver, these are our distant memories.

NO Suede. Voluptuous suede, by Antoine Lie - the charm of woman’s long glove, the driving gloves of a man on a sporty car.

OH Denim. Jeans always contemporary! The more it wears out the better it looks. Philippe Bousseton sees resemblance with the tuberose, an exuberant flower that blossoms at night.

AB Cashmere. Cashmere stands for soft, embracing warmth…your comfort zone. Nothing could resemble cashmere more than Grey Amber mad even more intriguing by Jean Jacques who immerse it in soft embrace of Osmantus, Jasmin, Sandal, Musk.

UR Silk. Smooth, soft and sensuous silk is an incredible fabric, which gives you a sensuous skin experience, so adored by both men and women. Jean Jacques envelopes silk sensuality with fig notes.

WE Tweed. Tweed so totally charming! Old fashioned and absolutely contemporary, rude and refined. For a personality with a balance of contrasts.

XX Latex. Nit a fabric but a material, almost like a “liquid skin”.  Futuristic  molecular notes by Antoine Lie become real on a skin.

DO Washi. East meets West in a combination of silk, cashmere and cotton. Similar to “rice paper” which is an antibacterial and acts as sun screen. An encounter between past and avant-garde, nature and technology, Japanese and Italian cultures. By Antoine Lie.

Wear your feelings with Uermi fragrance collection!