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Onyrico is a new niche brand in United Europe Group’s portfolio.

Onyrico is an olfactory journey in time to world of dreams and inspiration. Luca Maffei and Maurizio Cerizza, the talented Italian perfumers devoted the fragrance collection to prominent men of genius who introduced remarkable masterpieces, discoveries, philosophical treatises to the world.

The pleasure of beauty and refinement lies in attention to detail as well as the fragrance luxuriance in a very high concentration – to 23%. The long history of the artistic Italian past and spirit meet in elegant and minimalist bottle which continues the legacy of Italian creativity. Each marble lid is made by hand and each one speaks for its uniqueness making us prepared to discover the fragrances.

Onyrico brand emerged in 2015 and within a short period of time it captured all hearts of perfume aficionados with its inimitable concept as well as fragrance composition.

Ardent Unguentum inspired by Ancient Rome, philosophers, spas and breed wines.

Subtle Empireo – is and an ode to classical beauty, inspired by a heart-stirring love of the author of the Divine Comedy for the beautiful Beatrice.

Cherful Michelangelo – is a fascinating trip to the cities where the great artist created his masterpieces: Florence, Rome, Venice, and Bologna.

Sensual Zephiro – a scent of Botticelli’s Primavera: The Three Graces are dancing while Mercury disperses the clouds, and Zefiro creates hundreds of types of flowers.

Solemn Rossa Boheme – a scent of Giacomo Puccini’s opera. Citrus notes with a heart of tobacco take us to “La scala”.

Philosophical Tau –the love of Francis for living nature is universal. This perfume embraces an impressive diverse of wooden notes.

Mysterious Enygma – the fragrance composition envelops 163 ingredients. The perfume is dedicated to a remarkable genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

Choose your story of an Onyrico dream!